The Raptor Center
Exhibits. A vibrant gallery will welcome you with state of the art exhibits, learning stations, and a colorful mural featuring birds of prey. Among the exhibits and displays you will find a depiction of an eagle's nest, a raptor's eye view of the zoo, and a wing span chart to see where you measure up to various raptors.  

Rehabilitation.  The center's main goal is the medical rehabilitation of birds of all types, while specializing in eagle's, hawks, owls, falcons, and vultures.  One-way mirrors look into the heart of the Center, a rescue and rehabilitation lab designed for birds of prey. Visitors are offered a unique opportunity to observe while raptors are examined, x-rayed, and treated. 

Bird Watching. Birds have always intrigued our minds with wonder and have been the inspiration for our own aviation, with the way the defy gravity and fly free in the sky. Bird watchers should make The Raptor Center an essential stop. The e-Bird stations allows birders to record sightings and find location of recent sightings. Hint: Bring your bird list and venture into the zoo.

There is also a gift shop available where you can find visitor information, cold drinks, event schedules and souvenirs.  The Raptor Center is located at the Brit Spaugh Zoo, so after visiting the Center venture into the zoo where you can find many bird species fly free on the grounds. Admissions is always free.   

Call the Raptor Center at 620-793-4226 for additional information.