Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
For untold years, these salt marshes have attracted thousands of migratory waterfowl - providing them with food, protection, and a place to rest during
their long seasonal flights between breeding and wintering areas.

Visitor's Center
Located in the Refuge Headquarters building, the center is filled with hands-on displays and interpretive exhibits. Just outside of the center you can stroll the delightful Birdhouse Boulevard.  

Wildlife Observation
An abundance of wildlife prosper here. Mammals, reptiles, and amphibians abound along with resident birds, and the migratory birds just passing through to complete their cycles of life. 

Walking Trails
Migrants Mile nature trail loops through shaded woodlands, along marshy edges, and through native grasslands. Birdhouse Boulevard is a 1,000 foot nature trail near the visitor's center and is lined with a variety of birdhouses.