If your inspiration comes from paddling, Great Bend is your natural wonderland!


Cheyenne Bottoms
This 19,857 acre basin is just northeast of Great Bend. As the largest interior marsh in the U.S, the refuge is vital to shorebird migration. Outside of waterfowl season, only hand-powered boats are allowed. Life jacket laws are enforced. 

Stone and Veteran's Lake
Two jewels of Great Bend, featuring shade, walking trails, grilling pits, and picnic areas. Enjoy a quiet afternoon on the lake. In addition to paddling, these lakes are perfect for intimate family gatherings, yet close to all city amenities.

Arkansas River
Great Bend is located at the apex of a giant northward bend in the river, thus given our name, Great Bend. You can enter the Arkansas River at Stone Lake, and exit at either Dartmouth (approx. 7 miles) or Ellinwood (approx. 10 miles). 

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Great Bend has some great access points to the Arkansas River!