Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area. Approximately 13,000 acres of the 20,000 acre wildlife area managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks are open to hunting. Hunting is not allowed in the refuge areas.

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge. Public hunting is permitted on 8,000 of the Refuge's 22,145 acres. Hunting is managed in accordance with State and Federal regulations.

Note:  Non-toxic shot is required for hunting at both Cheyenne Bottoms and on Refuge property.

Thousand of Acres of Public Hunting & Walk-In

There are over 60,000 acres of public hunting areas within 60 miles of Great Bend. To make things easier for hunters who want to hunt on private land, Kansas Wildlife and Parks leases 50,000 acres of private land within 60 miles of Great Bend specifically for walk-in hunting. Hunting on land leased by the state of Kansas does not require land owner permission. If you want to hunt on other private lands, you must receive the permission of the land owner. To receive a copy of the Kansas Walk-In Hunting Area Atlas contact KDWPT.

Call the Convention & Visitors Bureau for a list of lodging as it pertains to hunting. (Allows dogs, cleaning station, ect)

To get a copy of the WIHA and Kansas Hunting Regulations publications, call Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism at 620-672-5911.

Click here for the 2013 Hunting Guide for Kansas Hunting seasons.