Tours on a Tankful
This guide contains 8 unique tours all of which begin and end in Great Bend. Tour farms, museums, underground worlds, cemeteries, radiant wetlands and much more. What you discover here in Central Kansas will amaze you. 

Interesting highlights.
Cheyenne Bottoms, the Kansas Wetlands Education Center, and the Basin Rim Overlook. All three rate a must-see for everyone who gets close to Great Bend. 

Native American Inserts. The Native American influence on the area is also highlighted in all the tours. Throughout the tour booklet, note the "Native American" inserts that give interesting facts and tell stories of the Native people of Great Bend and surrounding areas.

Birding Opportunities. All of the tours also present great birding opportunities. Brit Spaugh Zoo, the Raptor Center, and the Kansas Wetlands Complex are just a few of the great birding adventures you will discover. 

Download the Tours on a Tankful brochure to begin your adventure!