Quilt Walk & Murals
You don't have to visit a museum to find art in Great Bend. Murals decorate the walls of many historic buildings downtown and along your trek, located in Lafayette Park, you'll find historic quilt patterns built into the sidewalks surrounding the courthouse.

Kansas Quilt Walk. In the sidewalks surrounding the courthouse square, you will find the Kansas Quilt Walk. Quilts kept our ancestors warm and allowed our great grandmothers to express themselves with beautiful fabrics, fine needlework, and meaningful patterns. The quilt walk is a tribute to those women and their creations. The Rocky Road to Kansas pattern is the oldest pattern shown in the quilt walk and dates back to the Santa Fe Trail, which ran right through the Courthouse Square.

All 7 of the Quilt Walk patterns and descriptions can be found in the Quilt Walk and Mural Project Brochure. The brochure can be downloaded below or picked up at the Convention & Visitors Bureau 24-hour brochure rack at 3007 10th Street.

Great Bend Mural Project. Murals decorate the walls of many buildings in the downtown area. Painted by high school students, community volunteers, senior citizens, professional artists, and children, the murals are all tied together by themes relating to Great Bend, past and present.

The 13 murals are spread out through the downtown and eastern part of the city. To see a map of the city with mural locations, download the brochure below.