Lustron Homes
These metal-panel homes tell the story of an American Dream and prove that America once again adopted new approaches to address challenges.

Great Bend is the "Lustron Capital of Kansas," boasting more of these houses than any other city in the state. 

Lustron is defined by:

  • A new standard for living.
  • The house America has been waiting for. 

It shows how the greatest generation once again adopted new approaches to address challenges, this time the addressed the pent up demand for affordable homes. 

Like many mid-century buildings, Lustrons reflect the very characteristics of post war architecture: a progressive intent, and unusual mixture of materials, and a divergence from traditional construction methods. This new product reflected the values of the determined individuals who had won the peace- simplicity, economy, and sustainability. 

Constructed of metal panels, these houses were developed to make use of factories that were idled when the war ended and to provide homes for returning veterans and the "baby boom" they would create. Visit the Barton County Historical Society, where you can tour one of these houses. Disassembled and reassembled, piece by piece, in 2005 and 2006, this house is complete with authentic 50’s period home furnishings. These homes are an important chapter in Barton County’s history. Great Bend has four clusters of these homes around the city. 

Grab a brochure and list of the Great Bend Lustron homes at the Convention & Visitors Bureau and take a drive!