The arts are thriving in Great Bend. It’s one more surprise for visitors who want to uncover some cultural gems. In addition to the many public art installations across the city, and you wont want to miss the special gallery exhibits. 


Birdhouse Tour
Chicago has its cows. Lindsborg has its dala-horses. Marion has its rhinos. Great Bend has its bird houses! As part of a community-wide tourism campaign capitalizing on the area’s winged wetland creature heritage, numerous decorative fiberglass bird houses decorate the sidewalks of downtown. A self-guided tour will lead you on a trek, guided by colorful descriptions of the 70+ vibrant creations, written by the artists themselves. For more information, go to the Download Center to get the brochure or call 620-792-2750. 

Santas Around the World
23 life-sized santas are hand-crafted by a local artist. Each santa has his (or her) own unique story and elaborate costume. Specially-decorated trees, flowers, and accessories compliment each santa. Just a few of the countries included are France's Pere Noel, Brazil's Vovo Indo, and China's Christmas Old Man. Santa World is open seasonally from Thanksgiving to Christmas and year-round by appointment.
For additional information, call 620-792-1614.

Shafer Art Gallery
This architectural designed gallery in the fine arts building of Barton Community College, features bronze sculptures created by its namesake, late Hoisington artist Gus Shafer and boasts of an outstanding permanent collection. The collection also contains masterpieces by artists such as Chagall, Matisse, Picasso, Sandzen, and Audubon. The gallery demonstrates the perseverance of a dream and a strong commitment to culture and the arts. For hours, tours, and additional information, visit the Shafer Gallery webpage.  

For more information on arts and cultural events view the events calendar.