From airlines to rental cars, we have everything you need to navigate through our charming city.

Air Services
SeaPort Airlines at Great Bend Airport
9047 6th Street

The airport is a commercial service airport serving all aspects of civil aviation and military activity. It currently accommodates regularly scheduled regional airline service serving the City of Great Bend and surrounding areas. The airport is also utilized by private recreational and business general aviation aircraft. Military aircraft occasionally use the airport as a refueling stop and for training.

Car Rentals
Enterprise (Inside Dee Dove's Dealership) 
4217 10th Street
(620) 793-9992

Prices range depending on the vehicle. 15 passenger vans also available. Reservations can be made by going to or calling (620) 793-9992

Cab Services
The Cab & Mini-Bus Service
2005 Kansas Ave
(620) 792-3859

$1.50 one-way if given 24-hour advance. $4.00 same-day transportation. Closed weekend. Call (620) 792-3859 to make reservations.