Our maps are readily available to ease your explorations through Great Bend.


We know how frustrating it can be to find your way around a new place. We have a selection of maps available to ease your frustrations. If you don't find what you need below, give us a call and we would be glad to provide you with the information you seek.

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Refuge Map
Size: 125.32 KB
Map of Great Bend, KS.
cheynne bottoms.pdf
Size: 185.24 KB
Detailed map of the Cheyenne Bottoms Basin,
Size: 144.78 KB
A simple map to guide you on your journey through our wonderful Christmas city.
Size: 37.12 KB
An excellent hiking/biking opportunity to explore the river bed and a perfect way to get connected with nature. This trail will show you the many species of nesting birds, wildflowers, and wildlife.
paddling map.pdf
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Consider entering the Arkansas River at Stone Lake, Dartmouth, or Ellinwood. From each entrance you can choose to travel the river for seven miles or ten miles.
GB bike routes map.pdf
Size: 404.58 KB
A color coded map displaying all of Great Bend's bike, paved, and dirt trails.
Kansas Map.pdf
Size: 120.33 KB
This map is to show the location of Great Bend in relation to major State and Federal Highways and to other Kansas Cities.
Size: 100.86 KB
A map of the basins, roads, walking paths, parking, information kiosks, and observation areas.
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The byway map leads you through 77 miles of wildlife, cultures, and communities stretching from Hoisington to Stafford, includes 7 communities and 3 counties.