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The download center is here for your convenience and to help you plan your trip. You can find additional resources, tours, guides, news releases, and fun activities. You can view any PDF below by clicking 'view' under the link. 

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2014 christmas brochure for website.pdf
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Great Bend is a holiday delight!
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Any and all photographs submitted that clearly distinguish a persons face must be accompanied with a signed model release form.
Focus on the Byway.pdf
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Please read the guidelines thoroughly before submitting your entries.
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A clear representation of the Byway Corridor.
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A list of all the parks in Great Bend and the ammenities they offer!
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The wetlands complex is home to over 300 species of birds throughout the year! This checklist is a staple piece for all bird watchers!
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Migrate all around Great Bend on this tour of decorated birdhouses. This tour will guide you with colorful descriptions written by the artists themselves.
Bus Map.pdf
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Bus Map
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Cemeteries tell us the stories of our past.They are the stories of our people, art and culture. Long after they are gone, the people who first sought out this land hold power over us. They are the reminders of our legacy.
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The tour will take you through the marsh in about 45 minutes. Take your time and enjoy the wildlife, birds, and scenery.
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While you are out visiting the Bottoms and admiring the nature, test your knowledge and see if you can find the answers to these fun questions!
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A map of the roads, parking areas, permitted walking paths, imformation kiosks, and observation areas of the Nature conservancy at Cheyenne Bottoms.
Size: 3.43 MB
A map of the roads, dikes, and pools with the locations of visitor information, camping areas, and wildlife watching points.
2011 Activities Planner Update.pdf
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We’re not a big city, but then, we don’t really want to be! While in Great Bend, your group will experience the charm, beauty, and hospitality of our historic region, while enjoying the
convenience, safety, and economy of a small town.
Dining Guide 2012.pdf
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Local dining establishments
historic tour.pdf
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Walking tour of historic buildings in downtown Great Bend.
Exodusters Brochure.pdf
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The Kansas Fever Exodus marked one of the most remarkable migrations in the United States following the Civil War. It involved former slaves who left the South to build homesteads in the west. Those who participated we called Exodusters. These Exodus
Great Bend Map.pdf
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Great Bend map
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There is always something to do in Great Bend, regardless of the time of year. Not sure what to do first? We've put together a simple itinerary to get you started!
Group Tour Planner.pdf
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From arrival to departure, we can help you plan your Great Bend experience!
heartland farm card.pdf
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The 80-acre Heartland Farm will welcome you, nurture you, and introduce you to the peace of country life.
Christmas tour planner.pdf
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We have created this self-help tour planner to assist you with your Trail of Lights planning.
Size: 1.55 MB
Cheyenne Bottoms can survive and welcome clouds of shorebirds and solitary, majestic eagles for centuries to come. You can help by visiting the Bottoms, learning about the wetlands, contacting your government representatives, and supporting local and
2012 Lodging Guide.pdf
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Whether your traveling alone or bringing a tour group to town, Great Bend is ready to accomodate groups of all sizes.
LH Cluster Locations.pdf
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Locate the clusters of metal-paneled Lustron Homes in Great Bend.
Meeting Facilities Guide July 2014.pdf
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Any event, any size, we have the perfect place for your meeting or convention! View and download a list of possible venues.
Points of Interest+Byway.pdf
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Byway Points of Interest
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In the sidewalks surrounding the Courthouse Square, you will find the Kansas Quilt Walk. The Great Bend's Quilt Walk is a tribute to our ancestors and their creations.
Quivira Refuge Map (1).pdf
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Quivira Refuge Map
Size: 3.93 MB
Quivira is one of over 5OO National Wildlife Refuges, covering 92 million acres in all 50 states and territories. Quivira was established in 1955, to provide wintering habitat and a migration stop for migratory birds moving up and down the Central Fl
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