Nature Education

Visitors have a unique chance to observe medical procedures through one way mirrors, receive training in avian medicine, tour the largest inland marsh of the interior United States, and stroll through state-of-the-art interactive exhibits. 


Raptor Center at Brit Spaugh Zoo

Birds have always intrigued our minds with wonder and have been the inspiration for our own aviation, with they way the defy gravity and fly free in the sky. The Raptor Center is dedicated to preserving that sense of wonder for the future generations.

Step through the doors and begin a fascinating journey into the natural world. Right away, you will be astonishes by a vibrant gallery featuring state-of-the art exhibits, displays, interactive learning stations, and a colorful mural featuring birds of prey. Among the exhibits and displays, you will find a depiction of an eagles nest, a raptor's eye view of the zoo, and a wing span chart to see where you measure up to various raptors.

The centers main goal is the medical rehabilitation of birds of all types, while specializing in eagles, hawks, owls, falcons, and vultures. It is a temporary sanctuary for injured raptors and other birds. Some problems the birds encountered are high line wire injuries, gunshot wounds, poisoning, bacterial infections, and mammal trap injuries. The goal is to return these patients to the wild after rehabilitation, medical treatment, and recovery.

Admission is always FREE! Call the Raptor Center at 620-793-4226 for additional information.


Kansas Wetlands Education Center 

KWEC overlooks Cheyenne Bottoms; the largest inland marsh in the United States and a Ramsar designated Wetland of International Importance. Strolling through the exhibits will tell you the story of Cheyenne Bottoms, from the geological formation to the management challenges of the future. Discover the magnificence of these wetlands and the animals living here through interactive learning stations.  

The perfect educational program is available for all ages, whether you are looking for a fun and educational activity to do as a family or a group seeking to discover the wonders of the wetlands. Submerge  yourself in the wetland experience by walking to the observation point. Naturalists will be on hand to enhance your visit and answer any questions. 

Want to take a tours of Cheyenne Bottoms? Van tours are offered daily. While traveling the roads and dikes, you may see American Avocets, Dowitchers, thousands of shorebirds and waterfowl, and during migration seasons; you may even catch a glimpse of the endangered whooping crane.

Check the Calendar of Events for upcoming programs at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center.

A gift shop and traveler information is also available. Admission if FREE.
Call 620-566-1456 for additional information.