If your inspiration comes from hiking, Great Bend is your natural wonderland!


Cheyenne Bottoms and the Nature Conservancy
Cheyenne Bottoms offers an interpretive nature trail that features easy-to-walk-on natural materials. The trail is an educational experience with interpretive signs that highlight the plants, wildlife, and geography of the wetlands. Although there are no designated hike trails at the Nature Conservancy, you can hike for miles on the gravel roads and dikes that border the marshes. 

Hiking along the Arkansas River
A seven-mile paved levee trail runs along the Arkansas River and follows the flood control ditch. This path is the perfect introduction to the habitat and ecology of the river as it exists in this part of Kansas. The Arkansas River also allows for a great opportunity to explore the river bed along the unpaved paths created by horse-back riders and off-road bicyclists.  

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
The refuge is always open to hiking and two short nature trails were recently developed. The many dikes, trails, and roads provide hikers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with nature in a whole new way.   

Lake Barton Hiking
Lake Barton Trail is located about 4 miles north of Great Bend on Highway 281. The "lake" is actually dry for the majority of the year, and there is a 2-mile trail that circles the lake. It's mostly flat but there are several short, steep climbs near the dam, and several side trails that offer more technical sections.

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If your inspiration comes from hiking, Great Bend is your natural wonderland!