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Check back regularly for the latest reports to keep you up-to-date on the cool things happening in Great Bend and along the byway! 

cc hahn brothers July 2014.pdf
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The Hahn Brothers will return to Great Bend for their Supercross Shootout, September 20-21 during the Annual Big Bend Bike Rally.
The Giant is Starting to Stir - July 10 2014.pdf
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The days of summer are starting to change. Our marsh is waking from the summer nap when activity seems to be at its lowest level. Lots of babies are becoming visible. Fawns born in the marsh are up with their moms looking for food. Avocets, Killdeer, ducks and other birds have babies on the ground. Fox pups are moving around. It is a time for reaffirmation of life in our marsh.
photo contest.pdf
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A year long contest with multiple categories to enter and cash to win for all ages!
interactive map.pdf
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The map is easy to use and offers visitors a fun and powerful tool to help plan their trip in advance. The map will also be a beneficial resource for visitors once they are in the region as well.
Audubon Article (2).pdf
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Jan Garton and the Campaign to save Cheyenne Bottoms