Downtown Tour

Take a walk along the sidewalks downtown and you may notice a diversity of historic and artistic attractions. After enjoying your tour, take the time to indulge yourself in the variety of unique shopping and dining opportunities.

Birdhouse Tour
Our colorful brochure of descriptions, written by the artist themselves, will take you on a self-guided adventure of 70+ over-sized uniquely decorated birdhouses that adorn sidewalks and business fronts all over town. Download the Birdhouse Tour brochure for a map and description of the beautiful artwork.

Crest Theatre
This historic theater still hosts seasonal plays throughout the year. A vintage neon lighted marquee tops this historic building and the mid-1900's statue couple sitting on the bench out front will greet you. 

Historic Tour
Each historic building downtown has its own story to tell about its contribution to the development of the city. On your downtown trek, take a peek at the historic buildings such as:

  • Barton County Courthouse
  • Cornerstone Interiors
  • Crest Theatre
  • Moses Bandshell

Download the Historic Walking Tour guide for a complete list of buildings and their stories.

Jack Kilby Memorial
The creator of the invented circuit called Great Bend his home. A statue commemorates him at the west entrance of the Barton County Courthouse.  

Kansas Quilt Walk
Located in the sidewalks surrounding the courthouse square, this quilt walk tells the story of early settlers in a very interesting and unique way - through quilt patterns. Download the Quilt Walk brochure for a map, photos, and meaning of each pattern.  

The Rifleman Civil War monument
A tribute to the men and women who dedicated their lives and time to fighting for our country. The soldier stands guard on the north west corner of the square.