Agriculture & Agritourism

Central Kansas is rich in farming diversity. Go anywhere along this national scenic byway and you will see agriculture in its many phases and stages - from alpacas to watermelons. Learn about agritourism in our area and check out a list of area farms that welcome people stopping by to purchase their products or taking tours.


Seasons matter out here. We are tied to Mother Nature and her whims much more than we are by the calendar and time clock. When it's rainy, we rejoice. It is good news for all plants, livestock, and wildlife. Dry, we work in the fields and keep a watchful eye on the clouds and ears to the weather forecasts.

According to Kansas Agricultural Statistics, Kansas farmers produce more wheat than any other state in the nations, earning us the nicknames, "Wheat State" and "Breadbasket of the World." 

Out here, wheat is king. It has been that way since the 1870's when the first pioneers and European settlers brought with them some of the crops that did well in their home countries. In the 1870's, about 5,000 Mennonites settled in Kansas from Russia, bringing with them Red Turkey winter wheat because its kernel was high in protein - and compared with other varieties, was more drought tolerant and disease resistant. Wheat flourished on the plains and nearly 150 years later, winter wheat still thrives here.

Although wheat is still king, central Kansas is rich in farming diversity - you will find everything from alpacas to watermelons. Several area farms and operations in the area welcome visitors stopping by to purchase their products or wanting a tour. Just a few of the things you can see and do while touring the area:

  • Pick your own apples at Cain City Orchard 
  • Chop down your own Christmas tree at Delps Tree Farm
  • Feed the alpacas at Heartland Farm
  • Take home a bag of Hudson Cream Flour
  • Tour Rosewood Ranch while test tasting signature wines

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