Our town may be small, but Great Bend has many opportunities for visitors to explore and have fun. We have enough shops, museums, and parks to satisfy your tastes.


Arts and artists thrive in Great Bend. In addition to the many public art installations across the city, you don't want to miss the special gallery exhibits and live performances on a historic stage.
Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to hide and seek containers (called "caches") anywhere in the world, including a number of locations in Great Bend.
Take a stroll down Memory Lane by visiting the several monuments and memorials around the city. Dig a little deeper into the history and stories of the area by visiting the Barton County Historical Society. 
You will find special places to explore and sights to see. All of these adventures begin and end in Great Bend, where you will find comfortable lodging, authentic restaurants, and great shopping.
No trip is complete without some shopping! From major retail outlets to quirky boutiques, visitors will find an array of shopping opportunities in Great Bend.
Want a quiet and relaxing picnic in the park? How about an exciting afternoon at the Drag Strip? Whatever you wish to do, we have an array of activities for you to choose from. Spectacular facilities, convenient locations, and affordable prices sum up Great Bend's motto, "It's In Our Nature To Play."
Nature gave us an ocean in a sea of grass. As our marshes attract a spectacular array of wildlife, nature lovers will get an unobstructed view of Kansas' natural wonders. Spend a few days with us in the lush outdoors, and we promise that you will never see Kansas as "flat and dry" again.
Great Bend welcomes visitors with many opportunities to experience small town charm. Our unique attractions will make your visit even more special.